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Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle

The Benefits of YLC Programming

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Extensive Class Offerings

Extensive class offerings mean you can craft a practice combination that gives you the benefits you want and need.  It will provide the foundation and allow for growth.  It will support you through injury or those times when you need to up your game.  We've got heated and not heated classes, foundational and exploratory classes, fast and slow movement, and even opportunities to hang on the wall.

Our Program Includes:



Hot (26 + 2)








Flower in Sunlight

Healing Heat

Heat is a choice at our studio.  Not all of our classes are heated.  But our heated yoga is special at YLC, so if you like to flow or are a traditional/bikram hot fan, or even love a good restorative session, you're going to absolutely love our heated classes.  Our heated room is equipped with far infrared heat.  This type of heat warms bodies and objects instead of the air, so your breathing during class is not as restricted as with gas forced air heat.  Far infrared heat waves also carry many health benefits including:

*Assist in detoxification
*Reduce tension and stress
*Improving lymphatic flow
*Increase deep tissue blood circulation
*Improve skin complexion
*Strengthen cardiovascular system
*Relax and manage pain or aches
*Boost the immune system

But you don't have to take our word for it.  Check out these sources:

Flower in Sunlight

Yoga is an ancient practice designed to heal physically, emotionally and mentally.  It is made to be a sustainable practice that will challenge but not overstress your muscles, joints, and entire system.  This means it is made for long-term health and fitness.  It was specifically crafted to provide benefits that no other form of movement was crafted to provide, like anti-anxiety calming and energy balancing.  The owners and teachers at YLC have been trained in traditional yoga methods and we offer pure yoga classes - no weights or interval training added into our yoga classes.  We believe in the healing benefits of yoga itself, and its sustainability as a practice that heals without overstress.  And if you think that means you won't get strong, all of the muscles and strength in this picture were created through yoga practice.  We promise that with the right class programming you will become stronger than you can by adding weights or interval training. We've witnessed how a deep, instructional, broad yoga program can transform, bringing so many benefits, and we've seen unbelievable inner and outer strength in our community.  Something like full guided primary or traditional hot will leave you thinking that interval training would be a day off.  


Sustainable Methods

Yoga Class


At YLC we believe yoga is a method for healing.  We've seen a societal misconception that healing methods and methods that make you fit are mutually exclusive, but they aren't at YLC.  We've built our programming and studio with the purpose of integrating all yoga benefits.  Sometimes you need to be more challenged in your practice to find deeper activation in order to heal, and sometimes you need to just learn to let go.  Our paths are all different and sometimes what we need is not what we think we need or what we want.  That's why we've crafted our foundation + exploration program ideal to keep you finding what you need along your path. Yoga's foundation is practice.  While there are other methods of healing you can employ, the one that belongs completely to you, that requires no one else, is your practice.  We believe in getting to class, but if you keep practicing with us you will have a practice you can carry with you - you will know what to do if you want to roll our your mat at home or while you are on vacation.  Yoga is meant to give you the tools to work with your body, emotions and mind.  So our programs are focused on integrating breathing techniques, energy use, focus, infrared heat, sound healing and other principals right into you practice.  While we will have special workshops, you won't have to have them to learn what you need to practice.  You will find you learn so much on your mat already at YLC.


Quality Focused

When we approach building our programming, our studio and our community quality is always our first priority.  We strive for programming that will give you instruction and freedom.  Our teachers are experienced practitioners who we've practiced with for years and who are specialty trained in their fields.  We have 90 minute class options because some yoga formats require that.  We have ropes on our walls so that you can work on your spinal health.  We installed infrared heat because we believe in the healing.  We will always be here to answer your questions and we don't shy away from talking with our students after class about anything they feel they need to understand.  We believe our teachers and studio are here to support your journey, and we don't charge extra for our specialty heat or equipment or trained staff.  We always strive to create a program that balances quality and affordability.  We probably won't be the cheapest studio in the area, but that's not what we're going for.  Our goal is to teach, to train, to heal, to inspire, and to help students understand, gain and employ the transformational benefits of a true, sustainable yoga practice.  Please come visit us in Mokena!

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