Ashtanga Elements


5:45 pm

Join us to learn the elements of Ashtanga Yoga in a creative sequence.  This class is designed for beginners to intermediate practitioners.  You will be guided through sun salutations, basic standing postures, and seated poses.  This class moves at a slower but meaningful pace to teach you how to approach postures and transitions in a safe and healthy way,  and connected with breath and focus.  Expect explanations, modifications and a free space to ask questions.

Ashtanga Guided Full Primary


7 am

Ashtanga Guided Full Primary is the complete practice of the full primary series of Ashtanga Yoga.  Students move in unison according to the counting and guidance of the teacher.  This is a well-balanced, yet rigorous practice that contains both movement as well as holding postures for short periods of time.  There are minimal verbal alignment cues given, as the emphasis of the class is on moving through the sequence at a consistent, steady pace and in unison with other practitioners.  To participate in this class you should have some yoga or movement experience, and it is also traditionally practiced weekly by even the most advanced ashtanga practitioners.  It is perfect for those students who practice ashtanga mysore or those practitioners who are familiar with other forms of yoga and want to experience the ashtanga sequence.  

Ashtanga Mysore

Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays 6-8am

Mondays 9:15-11:15 am

Ashtanga Mysore Practice is meant for all levels of practitioners who want to practice the ashtanga method, from an absolute beginner to an advanced practitioner.  It provides an open forum for you to work your personal practice under the guidance of an experienced Ashtanga teacher and practitioner.  As a beginner you will be taught the primary sequence of Ashtanga Yoga from the very beginning, starting with Surya Namaskara A (sun salutation A).  Once that has been integrated and memorized, you will continue to be guided, posture-by-posture, in a specified order.  You will eventually learn to move through the sequence at your own pace alongside other practitioners and always with the support and guidance of a teacher.  The teacher offers one-on-one instruction, modifications, and hands-on assists, allowing for individualized attention.  

A Mysore style practice is appropriate for all levels.  It requires a strong commitment and a readiness to apply the necessary effort.  Our mysore room is open for two hours at a tie.  You may come any time during that period to start your sequence as long as you finish by the end of the two-hour period.  If you are new to Mysore, plan on spending 45 to 60 minutes on your first visit.  

Ashtanga Short-Form


7 am


9:15 am

A shorter version of Ashtanga Guided Full Primary - completely guided with a few less postures.  This class offers simple alignment cues with verbal modifications.  It is suited for a beginner ready to explore more deeply or a seasoned practitioner who wants to ensure they practice consistently.  Students practicing full primary are welcome to join the class through standing and then continue to complete their own sequence once seated postures begin.

YL Deep

Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 

11:15 am-12:15pm

This class is a great way to develop greater flexibility and range of motion through gentle holding and activation in postures for greater periods of time.  It is also a perfect companion to any other type of physical yoga practice or to an athletic program or general tight body fitness enthusiast.  We dive deep into stillness with intentionally held yin postures that target connective tissues to release muscular tension, encourage circulation and promote flexibility.

YL Kundalini


7:15 pm

A sacred yoga practice comprised of three parts: an opening chant (known as "using in"), a brief warm-up for your spine along with a kris (which is a sequence of postures paired with breathing techniques), and a closing meditation or song.  Chanting and singing are also key components of Kundalini yoga.  All practitioners are invited to experience the inner connection from this ancient practice.

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