Your 14-Day Transformation Begins Now

 Starting a new routine can be difficult, but taking charge of your wellness is empowering and worth the work.  Wondering where to begin?  

Our Yoga Life Starter 14-Day Package is designed to give you 2 weeks to explore different classes, start understanding how your nutrition impacts your energy, and define your specific needs - all with professional help and community along the way.  We offer only a limited number of spots in our YLC Starter Program each month, so grab your spot today!

The YLC 3-Step Approach will give you the structure you need to begin a foundational yoga practice that is targeted to nourish you physically, emotionally and spiritually.  

1 - Movement Practice - You have unlimited classes to get started

and can discuss which ones to try during your

consultation planning session.

2 - Nutritional Awareness - Learn how to eat healthy from both a

physical and mental standpoint

3 - Mindfulness in Action - Discover tangible ways to improve

mindfulness and habits to help understand how

to really apply it in your life.


Your YL Starter Package begins with a consultation with a yoga specialist.  This is a casual meeting where you will receive materials to help you make the most of your 14 days along with an opportunity to ask any questions you might have, such as how to stay committed or which classes are a best fit for you.  Get started with a program that gives you the structure and principles to establish a practice and take charge of your wellness!  Remember, spots are limited monthly, so grab your space now!

Yoga Session

Yoga Life Starter