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Jenn’s yogic journey began shortly after becoming a mother in 2003. What started as a physical, ego-driven practice evolved into a practice of physical and emotional healing. This practice extended beyond the realm of her mat and into her everyday life as an educator, mother, and wife. 


As a fellow student, Jenn helps students find their authentic selves in body, mind, spirit, and voice by sharing her practice. As an instructor, students can expect to experience a mind-body connection through a perfect balance of strengthening and spirituality. Known for her vast knowledge, grounding demeanor, creative application, and intuitive sequencing, Jenn provides ample space for exploration while offering variations to allow for accessibility for all students’ bodies. As in everyday life, students can “expect the unexpected” in every class with Jenn.


Jenn received her initial 200-hour certification in Ashtanga-Vinyasa from the Center for Yoga with Jonny Kest. As her practice deepened, she completed an additional 300-hour certification with her current teacher, Janet Stone. Jenn has traveled extensively with Janet to various yoga festivals and international retreats, including a pilgrimage through the province of Tamil Nadu, India. Indeed, Jenn’s true inspiration comes from being a student.


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Om Namaḥ Śivāya🔱🙏

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