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Laura began her yoga journey in 2013. As a Doctor of Pharmacy and a former athlete, the yogic lifestyle meshed well with her outlook on health and fitness. A mother of four, she practiced vigorously through two of her pregnancies. Her preferred styles of yoga have been vinyasa and Ashtanga. She trained with Todd Boman in Chicago learning the Ashtanga second series. She also trained with Carmen Aquilar in Chicago learning C-yoga with an emphasis on arm balances and inversions. 

Having recently completed her initial 200 certification in 2021, she is shares all the knowledge she acquired through maintaining a consistent, personal practice. However, yoga is not just a physical practice but a piece of a puzzle - where the picture is spiritual wellness. She is a firm believer in natural healing through supplements and herbs, a proponent of non-toxic beauty and cleaning products, and a practitioner of healthy eating with ingredients she knows and understands in combination with intermittent fasting. She also believes that through meditation, we have the power to control our own minds and our own lives.

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