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Give a 10-Class Package, Get a 10-Class Package

Limited quantity so get your deal now!

Purchase a 10-Class Package ($160) to Give

Add the recipient's name, email address, and the date you would like the package to begin.  All packages must begin by 1/1/2022, and expire 6 months after the start date.


Get a 10-Class Package (Free!) to Use Now

We will add a free 10-Class Package for you!  If you are a new student the system will walk you through setting up an account so your package gets added right in for you.  If you want to give both packages to two different people we can set that up for you also.  You'll just have to contact us via email (

The fine print: You must give to someone other than yourself.  You can choose a beginning date for the package you are giving, but it cannot start later than 1/1/2022.  All expiration dates are firm. 

Let's Get Started

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