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Bianca, a 300-CYT and proprietor of Mocana Yoga, embarked on her yoga path in Chicago purely out of curiosity years ago. However, in 2016 during her travels to South Africa, she seized the opportunity to deepen her knowledge of yoga practices. Following this transformative experience, she relocated to Taiwan, where she completed her foundational 200-hour training in Hatha/Ashtanga yoga in Taipei, under the guidance of Karuna Seeds and the Sivananda Yoga Center.

She embarked on a journey into the yoga community by delving into meditation and self-practice. Through these physical disciplines, she started to unravel and confront her internal processes. She successfully undertook a 100-hour Ashtanga yoga intensive led by Alexia Bauer, Megan D, and Bridget P. in Chicago, and she remains committed to learning under the guidance of YLC’s Victoria.

“Yoga is something that has completely shifted and continues to shift my life every day. I am grateful to be able to share these practices and so happy to be able to be a part of the Yoga Life Center community.”

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