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When Kit stepped into her first yoga class it was love at first Om.  Group fitness had always resonated with her, drawing her in with its collective energy and sense of belonging. Initially, she approached yoga from a fitness perspective. However, about 5 years ago, during her teacher training, she discovered the profound spiritual essence embedded within the yoga tradition.

Yoga seamlessly merged with her professional interests and, when distilled, epitomized her approach to life. As a student, Kit finds herself continually humbled by yoga's depth, recognizing that perfection and finality remain elusive concepts. Transitioning into the role of a teacher, Kit's primary aim is to impart her boundless enthusiasm for the practice while instilling a profound sense of body awareness and mindfulness in her students.

She excels in guiding her students beyond the confines of mere physical fitness, facilitating a transition towards a holistic yoga mindset. Drawing inspiration from her own journey, Kit endeavors to share the transformative power of yoga with her students.

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