Yoga Is Connection

New beginnings are not always easy. Our new beginnings start from a spark, an inspiration, or even the ending of something else, but there is always something that takes us to a place where we have the courage and the dedication to make a conscientious decision to find unchartered territory. Sometimes that is a choice, sometimes it’s more of a next step on our path. I look back and remember those days when I felt like my life was linear, it followed a path that was simply set out in front of me, that I traveled like everyone else traveled. I looked to others and society around me to figure out what to do next. And I smile knowing that was the past, and today is different.

There is no freedom like the feeling that you are creating your own path, but it’s natural to struggle to find ways to feel like the journey you take truly belongs to you. Then you walk into a yoga class thinking you are going to lose a few pounds or gain some muscle or become more flexible, and if you have the courage to stay for that class and come back for some others, you start to realize that those small physical goals were nothing compared to the world that a yoga practice can encompass.

And there you stand, right in front of that bridge. You know it will take you to new and wonderful places, but you also know there is work, a lot of work, a never-ending amount of work. In this place you are standing in the middle of a choice to make a connection, a transformation, a change, a new beginning.

Yoga is not an easy path. You will become aware of parts of yourself that you have no idea what to do with, you will see the world through a different lens and then have to readjust your reactions, and you will start to question so many personal and social structures along the way. Not to mention, you will probably be sore from new movement classes and baffled by how the person next to you can balance on their hands or put their leg behind their head.

But this is a journey that leads to connection. Connection with you, connection with values, connection with others, connection with nature, connection with our universal patterns and connection with your heart. If you have the courage to take that step and start your walk over that bridge you will find beauty and work along the way, but both will teach you how to more gracefully approach the next beautiful moment or difficult situation. It’s a path to finding you in a world that tries to make you believe you are created by all the external around you. It’s a path to your center, and it’s never-ending. But I promise that it is transformative like no other, its benefits are unmatched and you will gain tools through the process to help you calmly and confidently approach what you encounter along the