It All Starts Within

Lately I’ve been thinking about why the world seems to be so disconnected. I certainly know there are many factors that have caused a difference of opinion these days . We are all influenced in our thoughts, behavior, and emotions by what impacts each of us personally. What puzzles me most is the broad separatism that appears to be happening between us all. There seems to be an enormous lack of emotional understanding and compassion for what each person may be facing based on life experience and personal situations.

I guess that’s why I feel the importance of staying close and connected to my family, my dearest friends, and my yoga community. I recognize my daily yoga practice is an important staple, it provides a consistent connectedness that I need for my own stability. My practice has kept me grounded when I don’t have answers and the world around me is shaken and appears to be weak. If we lose the connection that grounds us to ourselves, there is a negative ripple affect that takes root. That same disconnection we feel with ourselves indirectly affects other people through the way we can or cannot relate to them. In other words, how can we begin to understand any another other person if we lose touch with our own personal selves?

Any outside influences in the world can blind us if we allow them to. Self study is an essential practice right now, especially when there is a high level of change and uncertainty with our current world environment. We have all been affected by the circumstances of our external world. Recently it’s been very hard to avoid overwhelming saturation from media, politics, and pandemic information, and our internal world is compromised when our sense of comfort and security is in jeopardy.

My physical yoga practice allows a space for me to tune in daily. It’s not only physical. I tune in emotionally