The Yoga Path to Freedom

Yoga differs immensely from other forms of workout on a physical level for many reasons, but today let's start with one very impactful reason. Yoga does not exist to help you look like others, to move you toward a body-expectation, on the outside or the inside. It is exactly the opposite. Yoga is meant to move you more toward you, more toward an internal connection so you can find the shape, breath and creativity that define you at your center - that special light that has always been there and that deserves nurturing and supporting.

There's a big catch to this method, though. In order to find what it is you need you have to find your truth. You have to see all of you - your strength and weakness, your ease and tension, even your lightness and your dark side. You may find that you tune into your breathing and calm right away in a seated forward fold, but when you try that inversion that you really feel you should be strong enough for you become frustrated and judge your abilities.