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Rashida is originally from Knoxville, Tennessee. She moved to the Chicago area in 2020 to teach Hot yoga, the 26+2 series. She has been doing yoga for over 20 years. Rashida fell in love with Bikram yoga back in 2013.

After her first class, Rashida was hooked. After years of running many half marathons, Rashida knew she had to make yoga part of her lifestyle to keep her body from breaking down from all the running. After working in the corporate world of healthcare for over ten years in physical therapy Rashida knew it was time for a change. She knew she still wanted to help people but wanted to do something that she loved, so she went to yoga teacher training in 2020 and received 250 hours of training in the hot 26+2 sequence through Evolation Yoga in Santa Barbara. Rashida looks forward to gaining knowledge and receiving other teacher trainings soon.

Yoga is everything to Rashida. She couldn't imagine her life without it. Teaching yoga is so rewarding and Rashida looks forward to doing it for many more years to come.

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