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Everything we do is practice.  Yoga has been a part of my life since I was young.  With a background in dance and gymnastics, stretching, moving and strengthening through postures has been a consistent way for me to find expression, energy and calmness.  My structured journey with yoga began, however, after having 4 kids in 6 years and losing my connection to movement.  When I began again I found a practice, a space for myself, and a way to work through physical, emotional and mental struggles.  The foundation of my yoga is and always will be practice.  It is a discipline that is meant to be experiential and explored - the more we practice the more tools we have for ourselves and to offer in our teachings.  The base of my practice is ashtanga, and I currently practice the intermediate series under the guidance of Todd Boman in Chicago.  But I still love to explore any movement, and meditation, in creative ways - you can find me in handstand transitions, playing on a a SUP board and sitting in morning meditation.  I completed my training at YogaView in Chicago, and was lucky enough to practice in Carmen Aguilar's classes when she taught in Chicago.  In 2019 I completed her weekend intensive training focused on peak posture sequences.  Later I learned to use Yoga Ropes to help open and strengthen in additional ways by practicing with the Boston Ropes collective method through workshops. I am certified Yoga Ropes and Slings instructor through Dhyana Yoga Arts, a studio in New Jersey focused on alignment and spinal health.  My passion is in working with students in ways that teach foundational skills that can eventually be used to allow for exploration of specific movements, energy lines and dichotomies to find space and strength to access deeper energy.

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