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When you discover a path that creates radical change in your entire being, you are willing to keep walking on that path in hopes of what else you may find.  For me, the practice of yoga continues to be that path. The practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Traditional Hot Yoga have been the two main lineages I have studied and practiced now for almost 20 years. These two yoga practices have shaped my heart immeasurably, and they have helped heal me from every difficult life situation I have faced. 

While yoga has given me courage and taught me resilience, it has also taught me to appreciate my imperfections as a human being. My dedication to both of these lineages has gifted me a unique approach and authentic teaching style. I am honored to share the practice of yoga that I study and practice with you.


However, my enthusiasm for sharing yoga is beyond the physical asana postures. Within the yoga practice itself lies a sacred space for truth and healing that provides a real transformation. This is the real reason I get up each day and roll out my mat - because in life we all need a space held completely for ourselves. A space to shed, a space to practice, and a space to evolve. The yoga path is a continuous life practice, and its wisdom is available for all those who are willing to step on the mat and give it a try. 

Practice with love, practice what you feel, and do the work to heal.

Peace & Love 

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