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Live Classes Offerings

Our Zoom classes are designed as a way for you to join our in-studio instruction and still be part of our community energy (not to mention receive instruction from some awesome teachers). Whether you are distancing due to illness, traveling for work, or enjoying a vacation, YLC is here to enable you to continue your practice.

Which Package to Purchase: Any of our price packages can be used to register for a class that is Zoom available.  However, we also have a special drop-in rate if you would like to purchase just one Zoom class.


How to Book and Enter Your Class: Our online classes are listed on our schedule along with our in-studio classes.  When you register online, you will receive a Zoom link in your YLC account and your email.  To join class, simply click on the link provided at least 5 minutes before class begins.  As with our in-person classes, we to require pre-registration at least 60 minutes in advance.

Online Schedule

Our Services

  • Beginner to Advanced - online format

    Mon, Wed

    14 US dollars
  • Our popular Yoga Life Lite class in an online format.

    Mon, Wed

    14 US dollars
  • All Levels


    14 US dollars
  • Absolute Beginner to Advanced Beginner


    14 US dollars

"A perfect option while I'm on vacation."

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