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At YLC we welcome practitioners with all backgrounds and in all stages of their practice.  We have classes crafted for beginners and classes that will take you into deep work on advanced postures or inversions.   Our passion is to provide our students with classes that provide knowledge and quality instruction.  Over time you will learn how to engage in postures, principals that keep you moving with integrity and strength through your practice, how to work with deeper muscles to find activation, and ways to use dichotomy energy to balance.  Our programs are very broad, including both standard and unique options - for example, ropes practice, ashtanga instruction, peak posture/inversion training, sound healing, traditional hot yoga, vinyasa flow, restorative classes, yin sessions, and kundalini/gong.  Even our beginner and meditation classes are crafted to help you understand your practice more deeply.  Our teachers are experienced practitioners who have years on their mats and broad experience to teach from.  We hope to see you on your mat soon and welcome any questions via our contact form if you need help.

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