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10 years ago, Fran found herself in a Bikram yoga class after accumulating numerous foot, hip, shoulder, and neck injuries, along with compressed spinal discs from running, life as a mom, and generally not being kind to her body. Within the first 2 weeks of practice, she couldn't believe how much better she felt, yet also recognized the extent to which her body still needed healing. Becoming an avid practitioner, she dedicated herself to the dialogue, learning to listen to her body, maintain a steady gaze, and quiet the chatter in her mind.

Two years ago, Fran decided to leap into a 250-hour OHYA-certified teacher training program at The Hot Room Leadership Institute in Indianapolis. Her motivation was to deepen her practice, maintain her aging body's health, and share the insights she'd gained with others. Students have praised Fran for her encouragement, noting her easy-to-listen-to voice and consistent energy throughout class. Additionally, she devotes time after class to engage with students, offering further insights into postures and helping them develop both their practice and confidence.

Continually seeking to expand her knowledge and teaching abilities, Fran attended an anatomy workshop with Gianna Purcell of 105F in 2023, as well as a posture modification workshop with OHYA. She eagerly anticipates the opportunity to serve the vibrant and fun YLC community in 2024!

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