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Laurie's journey with yoga spans over two decades, ignited by a simple search for a "new workout" that led her to a vinyasa class. Little did she know, this initial step would evolve into a profound, life-changing experience. Recognizing the myriad benefits yoga offers, Laurie found solace, tranquility, and a profound connection to mind, body, and spirit through her practice. For Laurie, yoga isn't merely an exercise; it's a transformative state of being—a fusion of breath, movement, and stillness that fosters balance and presence in every moment.

Currently specializing in Yin yoga instruction, Laurie also finds joy in practicing Ashtanga and the 26 + 2 series at the studio. Her extensive background in anatomy, physiology, and human movement as a licensed physical therapist assistant and licensed massage therapist enriches her teaching, enabling her to guide students with precision and care.

Beyond the mat, Laurie cherishes time with her family and loyal companion, Bruno, indulging in outdoor adventures like hiking and kayaking. As the owner of Tree of Life Therapeutic Bodywork in Mokena, Laurie applies her expertise in myofascial release techniques to help clients overcome pain and improve mobility.

Laurie's commitment to deepening her understanding of yoga led her to complete a rigorous 200-hour Life Power Yoga Teacher Training under the guidance of Johnny Kest at Lifetime Fitness. During this training, she immersed herself in the principles of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, pranayama, and meditation under the mentorship of Brenda Temme, further enhancing her ability to share the transformative power of yoga with others.

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