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Lia is a premier instructor of yoga, barre, and pilates, boasting many years of experience as a leader in the fitness industry. After honing her skills alongside renowned figures and cultivating her career in California, she returned to Mokena just three years ago, eagerly embracing the opportunity to become part of the YLC community. Despite her West Coast roots, Lia embodies the warm charm of the Midwest.

With over three decades of hands-on experience, Lia has collaborated with notable figures such as Billy Blanks and Kathy Smith, featuring prominently in her own Exercise TV segments, including Target Tone, Dancer Abs, and Hip Hop Body Shop. She received rigorous training from esteemed yoga practitioners like Clio Manuelian and Brent Laggon, as well as from renowned barre and pilates expert Nancy Norbert. Lia's teaching repertoire extends from prominent fitness institutions like Edward’s Health and Fitness Center in Naperville to community-focused organizations like the YMCA in Orange County and youth-oriented groups such as Girls, Inc. and the Lighthouse Group.

Having instructed at diverse venues ranging from boutique studios to elite fitness clubs like Equinox, Lia's dedication to fitness transcends mere profession—it's her way of life.

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