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30-Day Challenge: Pre-Recordings

30-Day Challenge Pre-Recordings

Experience the life-changing benefits of a consistent yoga practice with our 30-day yoga challenge. By practicing daily, you will not only improve your physical health but also develop a deeper sense of inner peace and well-being. The discipline and determination gained through this challenge will extend beyond your yoga mat and affect all areas of your life. You will gain a greater appreciation for your mind and body, and develop a deeper understanding of the connection between the two. We invite you to join us on this journey and witness the incredible benefits of committing to a daily yoga practice.


We understand that attending our in-person classes for 30 consecutive days may be challenging for you. Therefore, we have uploaded pre-recorded versions of our various offerings. This way, you can honor your body and continue your practice at any time and your own pace. We believe in acknowledging and respecting your current state at any given moment, and we are happy to support you on your yoga journey.

To access the recordings below, simply log in to your YLC Account.

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